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Crypto4Meadow is our first project that we created in collaboration with Łąka Foundation. Our NFT collection is composed of beautiful, true to reality wildflowers that are included in the anti-smog mix of seeds that the Foundation has been successfully sowing in urban areas and unused farming plots. The proceeds from the collection will be used to buy or rent unused land, sow the wildflower mix and maintain it for 5 years as well as offset any carbon foot print our project may have in the course of its running. Wildflower meadows founded by our collection will bring benefits such as improving biodiversity of the area, creating sustenance for pollinators and absorbing CO2. We are currently focusing on accurately calculating the exact carbon footprint of the project and carbon footprint of our operation. To minimise the footprint coming from cryptocurrency transactions, we choose an Internet Computer protocol, that is gasless, and is proof-of-stake, not proof of work, like Bitcoin or Ethereum, which makes it thousands of times less CO2 emitting.

There will be more amazing details and outcomes of this project and the ones to come. This is just the beginning…



Crypto4Changemaking’s mission is to use NFTs and cryptocurrency to fund real-world systemic changes. Our first initiative, Crypto4Meadow, is run in collaboration with a charitable (and a Non-Governmental – NGO)  organization
Fundacja Łąka (eng. Meadow Foundation). The launch of our first NFT collection, featuring true-to-reality wildflowers, will help sow more meadows. We pledge to buy or rent unused land, sow the wildflower mix, and maintain the meadows for 5 years as well as offset any carbon footprint our project may have in the course of its running. 

We take the responsibility to take care of the new meadows and will keep you informed on how they sprout and flourish. 

Meadow NFT collection launch is a fundraising event for an NGO. NFTs are proof that you donated to our cause. 

  • NFT original owners (anyone who minted our NFT token on c4ch.art website or was gifted by us) will get additional bonus in metaverse as a thank-you for the support. 

  • All NFT holders (original owners and those who acquired it from the secondary market) will get a wildflower seed starter (not to be bought ingame) in the future positive Metaverse. 

The release of Metaverse (beta) is planned for mid-2022.

We would like to highlight that investing in NFTs may or may not bring profit (as any investment).

Please note that this is not financial advice and we are not responsible for your choices. If you have never invested in NFTs, we strongly encourage you to read and learn about cryptocurrencies first. If you have any doubts, you should consult your legal, financial, tax, or other professional advisor(s).

Our NFTs will be released on 27th of January 2022. There will be 10 000 NFTs.

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Using Crypto as a way to support systemic change for common good.

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